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PRINCE2 Study Guide Online Lesen von David Hinde | 978-1119420897

2017 Update von David Hinde

PRINCE2 Study Guide Online Lesen von David Hinde | 978-1119420897
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Everything you need to pass the PRINCE2 with flying colors The PRINCE2 Study Guide, Second Edition, offers comprehensive preparation for the latest PRINCE2 exam. Covering 100 percent of the exam objectives, this guide provides invaluable guidance that will help you master both the material and its applications; indeed, a practice-centered approach helps you "learn by doing" to help you internalize PRINCE2 concepts on a deeper level. Although the exam is heavily focused on detailed business process, this guide's accessible writing and real-world approach make learning fun. Each chapter poses a common project challenge, and walks you through the solution based on essential PRINCE2 principles. A year of FREE access to electronic study aids allows you to study anywhere, at any time, and expert instruction throughout breaks complex topics down into easily-digestible concepts. The PRINCE2 exam is challenging, but thorough preparation is your best defense. Conceptual knowledge is important, but it isn't enough — knowledge is only useful if you can apply it. This book is designed as your personal PRINCE2 coach: * Master 100 percent of the PRINCE2 exam objectives * Apply your knowledge to real-world workplace scenarios * Test your understanding with challenging review questions * Access sample questions, electronic flashcards, and other study aids PRINCE2 is globally recognized as one of the premier project management credentials; while less expansive than the PMP, the PRINCE2 is more intense and tightly focused on detailed business processes. Companies around the world are in need of qualified project management professionals to optimize processes and boost organizational performance — and the PRINCE2 certification puts you on the map as a validated professional. If you're ready to take on your next challenge, the PRINCE2 Study Guide, Second Edition, is your ultimate companion for complete preparation.
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